About Us

About Us

For our event, wedding and school photography, you will always be dealing with the happy couple pictured above.

Offically we are known as Pat and Tamara Holzhauer. We have been involved professionally with weddings and portraits since 1999 and School and Event Photography since 2005. Having experience since the days of film and medium format crank cameras has served us well, but the most important part of what we do is... we really care. We have always prided ourselves in our professionalism and service, and wish to treat everyone the way we expect to be treated ouselves. We have raised 5 children and have seen them all go to school, played in organized sports and get married.  We have been on the consumers side when it comes to our school, sports, wedding and family portrait business. 

I do the bulk of the event photography and all of the commercial side as well. This is where this passion of mine has evolved to. I am self taught in photography and learning more each day. I had a mentor who was the staff photographer for Northrup-Grumman back in the heighth of the Aerospace programs of the 1980's. His critiquing and tutoring was as valuable a tool as my 32 years as a UPS driver was. I am a certfied PPA & WPPI member as well.

  For a period of seven years I labored as a UPS driver during the week and wedding photographer on weekends. At my urging, I requested Tamara's help on wedding days, and we have beeen part of close to 300 weddings since that time. One of the best residuals of  wedding photography has been so many lasting friendships with the couples we have met in our journey. Some of those couples have had multiple children, and now we see them for family portraits and even some of the kids go to the schools that we photograph for. 

I am blessed with good health, a great wife and a family that is truly awesome and rewarding. I have also been blessed with this talent of photography that hopefully is useful to you or someone you know one day.